International Newsletter of Communist Studies: New Issue Online

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online ISSN 1862-698X

Bernhard H. Bayerlein and Gleb J. Albert write

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Contributors, We are proud to present the 2012 edition of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online.

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies (INCS), issued since 1993/1994, focuses on the international research concerning communist and respective left political systems, movements and ideas. Combining the features of a journal and a newsletter, it is aimed at scholars and publicists, archivists and librarians. The multilingual publication accompanies the opening processes of the archives in the East and the West. It regularly contains project presentations, reports on archival openings, problems and projects, an annual bibliography, reviews and presentations of new publications, current events and meetings, a survey of periodicals and online resources. It also publishes materials and articles with a regional, biographical, institutional or cultural focus. A more concise paper edition of INCS is included in the “Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung” published by Aufbau Verlag, Berlin (see: < unismusforschung-3167.html>). The new issue, incorporating 421 pages, can be downloaded free of charge at <>. Thanks to our authors, the Newsletter once again can offer a wide range of news, information, studies and materials on the history of communism, as can be seen in the table of contents below. Furthermore, it features The International Bibliography of Communist Studies, issue 2011. Covering 991 books from 61 countries and having retrieved 975 relevant articles published during the year 2011 in scholarly journals, the bibliography presents Communist Studies being a major field of research and publication activity within the Humanities. A number of new correspondents are sustaining this huge undertaking. Everyone is encouraged to send us suggestions and contributions and all kind of informational data on the various sections for the 2013 issue, regular bibliographic updates about the national (or international) landscape of publications, as well as suggestions for article contributions and reviews. The deadline for the concise print version will be October 15, 2012. The deadline for the online edition is May 15, 2013. All article and review contributions have to be coordinated with us beforehand. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted. We also strongly advice you to follow the submission guidelines available at <>.

INCS is hosted by the Centre of Contemporary History Potsdam at <>, where you can download all the past issues. You are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list, hosted by the University of Cologne (including only a minimal amount of mails per year concerning our calls for papers and tables of contents), at <>. You can also “like” our Facebook page at <>. INCS is non-commercial, non-funded, open-access, and only relying on the free activity of the editors and contributors. Kind regards and good luck with your ongoing research,


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