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Territoires et militants communistes: seminar programme 2012-13

 Territoires et militants communistes: approches plurielles et comparées 2012-13 research seminar programme of the Centre d’histoire sociale du XXe siècle (CNRS UMR 8058/Université Paris 1); organisers Bernard Pudal, Claude Pennetier, Bruno Groppo, Isabelle Gouarné et Paul Boulland Seminars held at 9, rue Malher 75004 (métro Saint-Paul). Bibliothèque Jean Maitron, (6 étage); for further information contact Macha Tournié: […]

Ninth Historical Materialism conference, London, 8-11 November 2012

Ninth annual historical materialism conference Weighs like a nightmare  8-11 November 2012 at SOAS, London, WC1 For full details of the conference programme and of how to pre-register (before 5 Nov) go to the Historical Materialism website Selected panels of interest (not exhaustive) include the following After 1917 Chair: David Broder Andre Mommen – Eugen […]

Volume 8 of le Nouveau Maitron published

Volume 8 of Le Nouveau Maitron biographical dictionary – ‘Dictionnaire biographique, mouvement ouvrier, mouvement social’ – will be published by Les Editions de l’Atelier in November. Established in 1964, the Maitron is the largest biographical dictionary in the French language and the latest volume will cover the period 1940-May 1968, letters Lem to Mel. To subscribe in advance […]

Towards A Transnational Communist History

TOWARDS A TRANSNATIONAL COMMUNIST HISTORY Twentieth Century Communism day conference with the support of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence University of Manchester, Friday 7 December 2012, 10.00-5.15 Norman LaPorte: Ernst Thälmann and the Making of a German Communist      Chris Holmsted Larsen: Danish Cadres in the Comintern: Agents of International Communism or Vanguard of a […]