Towards A Transnational Communist History


Twentieth Century Communism day conference with the support of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

University of Manchester, Friday 7 December 2012, 10.00-5.15

Norman LaPorte: Ernst Thälmann and the Making of a German Communist      Chris Holmsted Larsen: Danish Cadres in the Comintern: Agents of International Communism or Vanguard of a National Working Class?       David Featherstone: African American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War       Adrià Llacuna; Spanish Democracy at War against Fascism: a Militant Experience of a ‘New Type’ for British Communists      Alix Heiniger, German Communists in France and Switzerland during the Second World War     Shirin Hirsch: Chileans in Britain: Exile Politics or Communist Internationalism?        José Neves: The Foreign Road to Homeland: Notes from the History of Portuguese Communism       Josep Puigsech: The Communist International, Spanish Communism in Exile and the National Question 1939-43      Alejandro Andreassi, Karen Hunt, Pedro Ramos Pinto: roundtable and overview

This event is free to attend but advance registration is essential; for further information and to reserve your place, contact

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