Ninth Historical Materialism conference, London, 8-11 November 2012

Ninth annual historical materialism conference

Weighs like a nightmare

 8-11 November 2012 at SOAS, London, WC1

For full details of the conference programme and of how to pre-register (before 5 Nov) go to the Historical Materialism website

Selected panels of interest (not exhaustive) include the following

After 1917

Chair: David Broder

Andre Mommen – Eugen Varga and the Hungarian Councils’ Republic of 1919

Paul Kellogg – Lost in Translation: explaining the tragedy of Germany’s 1921 ‘March Action’

Florian Wilde – The origins of united front strategy: The KPD 1921/22


Maoist Movements in Sri Lanka, Portugal and India: History, Theory and Practice

Chair: Alpa Shah

Ravi Vaitheespara – Marxism, Maoism and the National Question in Sri Lanka: A Postcolonial Reading

Miguel Cardina – Portuguese Maoism in the “long Sixties”

Dhruv Jain – Charu Mazumdar and Contested Legacies: Indian Maoisms from 1971-1984


Kautsky, Bernstein, Lenin

Chair: Sebastian Budgen

Jukka Gronow – The two Marxist “orthodoxies:” Comparing Kautsky’s Marxism

with Marxism-Leninism

Ben Lewis – ‘Baron’, ‘Ede’ and the politics of correspondence

John Rose – In the shadow of October, Lenin’s ‘Left Wing’ Communism, its misunderstood significance, then & now


Problems of Communist History

Chair: David Broder

Maurice Andreu – What was Bolshevism?The Case of Bukharin

John Marot – Stopping Stalin

Bernhard H. Bayerlein – On Recent International Debates on Stalinism in

Historical Research

Philippe Bourrinet – Council Communism


Communist Histories

Chair: Sebastian Budgen

Daria Dyakonova – Canadian communists and the USSR : interaction or domination?

George Paizis – Victor Serge, Memoirs of a Revolutionary

Wictor Marzec – The Peripheral Political and Lateral Marxism – the case of

Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz


Left Parties, Left Strategies

Chair: Peter Thomas

Giorgos Kalampokas – The Left and/in Government: Questions of Political power and Revolutionary strategy

Seung Wook Baek – A history of contemporary South Korean Marxism: ‘movement left’ and ‘party left’

Costas Gousis and Thanos Andritsos – Economy – Politics – Revolution: Fidelity to an Event or to a Renewed Communist Project?


Anti-Racism, Anti-Colonialism and the International

Chair: Adam Hanieh

Mark A. Lause – The Red and the Black: The Diverse Roots of the First International

in the US

Jacob Zumoff – The Communist International, the Communist Party, and the

Fight for Black Liberation in the United States during the 1920s

Sai Englert – “Grains of Sand in a Bloc of Granite?”: the Contradictions of the Jewish

Labour Bund



Chair: Sebastian Budgen

Kevin Morgan – Germany and the absent revolution 1848-1948: British Marxist

Historians and the Irrweg

Gleb J. Albert – ‘World Revolution is a Lovely Thing’: Internationalism and Rank

and File Communists in Early Soviet Russia

Olena Seredynska – The Russian Revolution and the Current Crisis

Roland Boer – ‘In Certain Respects a Revolution is a Miracle’: On Lenin, Religion

and Revolution


How to think Partisan today? Between partisan art and politics in WWII


Chair: Jernej Habjan

Lev Centrih – The Historical Significance of the Partisan Solidarity: The Case of

National Liberation Committees in Slovenia, 1943‒1945

Gal Kirn – Carl Schmitt in Yugoslavia: few critical notes on theory of partisan

Donny Gluckstein – Notes on Convergencies in Resistance movements of WWII


Tradition and the Italian Resistance

Chair: Matteo Mandarini

David Broder – The Strange Resistance of Felice Chilanti

Gian Ghirardini – The Legacy of the Resistance in the Rural World

Giovanni Villari – The Benedicta rebels:Historiography of a massacre


Democracy and Mass Action: Marxian Perspectives

Chair: Juan Grigera

Alexander Chryssis – Marx’s Concept of Democracy: From Republicanism to


Constantin Davidescu – Marx on the Possibility of ‘Peaceful Revolution’

Ottokar Luban – Rosa Luxemburg’s Ideas on Mass Actions and the Revolutionary Mass Strikes in Germany 1916 – 1918


Marxist Political Strategies

Chair: Peter Thomas

Joel Haycock – The Communist League, Marx and Engels and the Repudiation of

‘Secret Societies’

August Nimtz – ‘The Ballot’ and/or ‘the Streets’: The Marxist Basis of Lenin’s

Electoral Strategy – A Report on a Book Project

Lars Lih – Lenin, Martov, and ‘The Idea of Soviet Power’


Rethinking Revolutionary History and Thought in the Middle East

Chair: Adam Hanieh

Amir Hassanpour – The Communist Left in Iran: Dancing on the Terrain of

Bourgeois Democracy

Abdel Razzaq Takriti – The Palestinian Revolution and Arab Leftist History


The Crisis of the Eurozone and the European Socialist Parties (Socialist

Regster/Red Pepper)

Chair: Michael Calderbank

Michalis Spourdalakis – ‘Left Strategy in the Greek Cauldron: Explaining Syriza’s Success’

Charles Post – ‘What is Left of Leninsm? New European Left Parties in Historical Perspective’

Lynne Segal, ‘Beyond the Fragments and the Left Today’

Hilary Wainwright, ‘Transformative Power: Political Organization in Transition’

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