Launch event – The Kick Inside – Revolutionary Opposition in the CPGB 1945-1991

Book launch: The Kick Inside by Lawrence Parker, November Publications.
Date: Saturday December 8 2012. Starts: 18:30.
Location: Calthorpe Arms, 252 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1.
Hosted by CPGB / Weekly Worker

December’s London Communist Forum, hosted by the CPGB, will see the launch of the second, expanded edition of Lawrence Parker’s ‘The Kick Inside – revolutionary opposition in the CPGB, 1945-1991’.

To buy a copy go to:

Comrade Parker, a supporter of the CPGB, provides a fascinating account of the inner-party struggles in the old ‘official’ CPGB – a topic that has rarely been given the attention it deserves. As he writes in the book’s blurb:

“When historians have stumbled upon the fractures of the party’s latter years, such events have often been boiled down to misleading stereotypes, such as ‘Tankies versus Euros’.

The reality was considerably more varied. The CPGB consistently gave birth to revolutionary activists and factions, with two broad-based rank-and-file rebellions in 1945 and 1977 acting as significant feeders for later struggles.

However, such factions were hampered by the extreme slow motion of their maturation; this not being enough to offset the rapid decay of the CPGB’s so-called ‘mainstream’ into nationalism, Labourism and trade unionism.”

This book sheds new light on these factional struggles,and is vital for an understanding of the party’s political crisis as it moved towards dissolution in 1991.”

The book will be available to buy and to be signed by the author. After the launch there will be a festive social.

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