Witness seminar: The Cold War Challenge to the Christian Churches.

A witness seminar on The Cold War Challenge to the Christian Churches was held at London Metropolitan University on Thursday, 29 November 2013. Speakers included Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux, the Very Rev Dr John Arnold OBE, Xenia Dennen (née Howard-Johnston) and Canon Dr Paul Oestreicher and the seminar was introduced by the organiser, Dr Dianne Kirby of the University of Ulster. A video recording the seminar may be accessed here

The seminar is intended to be the inaugurating event for a series of witness seminars intended to contribute to a larger and global research project, Christian World Community and the Cold War. The primary goal of the larger research project is the preparation and publication of a comprehensive study of the role of the worldwide Christian community during the Cold War, 1945-90.  This project will study the impact of the global political rift on the spiritual identity and social significance of churches, ecumenical bodies, and individual Christians.  Additionally, it will examine the impact of the life and witness of churches on people, societies, and political leaders on all sides of the Cold War’s ideological frontiers.  Special attention will be given to the search for the unity of the Church across all boundaries dividing nations and the international community. It will include examinations of the moral and ideological aspects of the political conflicts and of the theological, ecclesiological, and ecumenical frameworks of varying Christian responses to Cold War realities.

The larger project was formally launched by an international group of some fifteen scholars and ecumenically experienced church leaders meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts in March 2009. The first International Research Conference took place at the Comenius University in Bratislava, September 5-8, 2011.  and have appeared as Christian World Community and the Cold War, edited by Professor Julius Filo and published by the Evangelical Theological Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava . The London witness seminar is the first contribution from the UK to the project and the first event to take this format.

Further information about the event can be obtained from Dianne Kirby: d.kirby@ulster.ac.uk


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