20CC Communist Studies Seminars at the University of Glamorgan

One-day Communist Studies Seminars at the University of Glamorgan, Atrium Campus on 28 March 2013


‘Berlin, Paris, London and beyond – ongoing projects, forthcoming events and future publications’


The editors of Twentieth Century Communism are hosting an event presenting new projects, future collaborations and eyewitness testimony. The event is free but, as space is limited, please register at the address give below for further information.


Venue: University of Glamorgan, Atrium Campus

Date: 28 March 2013

Room: TBC

Further Information: Norry LaPorte (nlaporte@glam.ac.uk); Tel: 01443-654483


Session 1: Werner Scholem and German Communism under the Weimar Republic: New Biographical Research & Eyewitness Testimony

Time: 10.30-12.00


  • Ralf Hoffrogge (Potsdam), ‘Utopia on the edge – the political life of Werner Scholem (1895-1940)’
  • Renate Scholem & Hanno Fry, ‘Memories of German Communists and immigration in Britain’
    • Discussant: Ben Fowkes (London)



Session 2: Response to the Spanish Civil War and Cult of Personality in Communism   

Time: 12.00-13.00


  • Adria Llacuna (Manchester and Barcelona), ‘The crisis of the liberal project and the rise of new political responses in interwar Europe: communism and the fascist New Order’
  • Balázs Apor, TBC (Leader Cults)
  • Discussant: Sharif Gemie (Glamorgan)


Lunch: 13.00-13.30PM


Session 2: Parisian Communists, Communists in Parisian Exile

Time: 13.30-14.45

  • Tim Rees (Exeter), ‘Paris in the 1930s: capital of communist exiles – a new project’
  • Thomas Beaumont (Bristol), ‘Communists, Paris and the Popular Front’
  • Discussant: Kevin Morgan (Manchester)





Session 3: Roundtable Discussion on Communist Studies & International Collaborations

Time: 15.00-16.30


The roundtable aims to discussions how new projects (and the revisiting to older agendas) can inform future publication, conferences, workshops and networks. Those participating will include:


Chair: Matt Worley (Reading/20CC)

Discussant:  Kevin Morgan (20CC)

  • Ralf Hoffrogge (Editorial Board of the Berlin-based yearbook for the study of the workers’ movement)
  • Gidon Cohen (Durham & Political Studies Association)
  • Norry LaPorte (20CC)






One comment

  1. Mark McNally · · Reply

    Just to say congratulations to Norry, UofG and all those involved in the organisation of yesterday’s event. I know I only saw half but it was well-worth the trip down to Cardiff for that alone…and as someone ‘may’ have mentioned yesterday much better value for money than other events that shall remain nameless! Best, Mark

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