Book launch: Clara Zetkin, National and International Contexts

June 2013 marks the 80th anniversary of the death of Clara Zetkin, a renowned figure in the international working class movement; a Marxist activist and writer she was an inspiration for men and women in their struggle against imperialist war and economic exploitation. She dedicated her life to the Socialist cause and was a leading figure in the German Social Democratic Party, the Spartacist League and the German Communist Party. Zetkin was the comrade and friend of Rosa Luxemburg, Alexandra Kollontai and Lenin. Sadly, her memory has been somewhat eclipsed in recent decades, especially in the English speaking world where little has been written about her. The new publication from the Socialist History Society, Clara Zetkin: National and International Contexts, seeks to fill a gap by providing contemporary activists with an incisive introduction to Zetkin’s life and work.

She was the founder of the Socialist Women’s International, but also a fierce critic of what she saw as the shortcomings of bourgeois feminism. The book asks why it is that she now so little known outside her native Germany. It explores her abiding legacy and asks if there is anything that can be learned from her career and example eighty years after her death.

Speakers will include authors who have contributed to the new book on Zetkin which is the latest Occasional Publication issued by the SHS.

Venue: Housmans Bookshop, King’s Cross, London

Please note: entry £3.00 which is redeemable on any purchase from the bookshop on the night.

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