Monthly Archives: July 2013

New publication: Marxism and Social Movements

New publication from Brill Marxism and Social Movements eds. Colin Barker, Laurence Cox, John Krinsky and Alf Nilsen Leiden: Brill (Historical Materialism book series). hardback; ISBN 9789004211759 Marxism and Social Movements is the first sustained engagement between social movement theory and Marxist approaches to collective action. The chapters collected here, by leading figures in both […]

New in paperback: Radical Unionism: The Rise and Fall of Revolutionary Syndicalism

New in paperback from Bookmarks Radical Unionism: The Rise and Fall of Revolutionary Syndicalism by Ralph Darlington During the first two decades of the twentieth century the ideas of revolutionary syndicalism developed into a major influence within the trade union movement. Committed to destroying capitalism through direct industrial action and revolutionary trade union struggle, the […]

New publication: Il partito provvisorio: Storia del Psiup nel lungo Sessantotto italiano

New publication from Editori Laterza Aldo Agosti Il partito provvisorio. Storia del Psiup nel lungo Sessantotto italiano Quadrante Laterza, 2013, pp. 296, Euro 25. Gli anni brevi di un partito della sinistra italiana, dal 1964 al 1972, per un’esperienza intellettuale e politica vivace e intensa, portatrice di una cultura politica che recepiva le suggestioni di […]

New publication: Les territoires du communisme

New publication from Armand Colin Les territoires du communisme Élus locaux, politiques publiques et sociabilités militantes sous la direction d’E. Bellanger et J. Mischi Armand Colin, 304 p. 27,50€ « Communisme municipal », « banlieue rouge », « bastions ouvriers » : l’influence du Parti communiste français est associée à des représentations territoriales typées. Quelle […]

New publication: European Integration and the Communist Dilemma

New publication from Ashgate European Integration and the Communist Dilemma Communist Party Responses to Europe in Greece, Cyprus and Italy, by Giorgos Charalambous, University of Cyprus, Cyprus European Integration and the Communist Dilemma assesses the response of communist parties to European integration using three contrasting and comparatively significant case studies from Greece, Cyprus and Italy. […]