PSA communism group events 6 Dec and 16 Jan

University of Manchester, Friday 6 December 2013, 10-5
Arthur Lewis Building (boardroom), Social Sciences, University of Manchester (no 36 on campus map

The finalised programme is as follows

• Balázs Apor (Trinity College, Dublin), ‘State building and cult construction in Hungary from the 1930s until 1956’
• John Bulaitis (Canterbury), ‘Maurice Thorez in the biographical matrix’
• Sarah Davies (Durham), ‘Stalin on the Stalin cult’
• Mario Kessler (Yeshiva University, New York), ‘Ruth Fischer and German communism’
• Norman Laporte (Glamorgan), ‘From “public face” to Führerkult: the cult of Ernst Thälmann in German communism’
• Kevin Morgan (Manchester), ‘“History knows no parallel”: the internationalisation of the communist leader cult under Lenin and Stalin’
• Marietta Stankova (London) ‘Georgi Dimitrov: National Leader and International Hero’

Lunch and refreshments provided.

Attendance is free but pre-registration (by 29 November) is essential. For further information or to register contact



Durham University, School of Government and International Affairs (Al Qasimi building, room IM222), 11am-5.30pm, , 16 January 2014

The emergence of the New Left and ‘new social movements’ have long been recognised as heralding a reinvention of ‘the left’ and a challenge to the hegemony of Soviet-style marxism in the period after 1956. Integral to this was the repositioning of ‘class’ as a determining factor in socialist politics. As alternate ‘sites of repression’ were explored (e.g. race, gender, age, sexuality), and as attention increasingly shifted towards the cultural sphere, so the socialist left’s relationship with the working class was renegotiated. This PSA symposium and subsequent issue of Twentieth Century Communism will explore some of the tensions inherent in such developments.

The workshop will also include the AGM of the PSA Communism Specialist Group

Please note this date, further details will be posted here or contact

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