Class, Communism and the Cultural Turn Workshop (including AGM)

16 January 2014

School of Government and International Affairs
Durham University, Room 222, Al Qasimi Building,
Elvet Hill Road, Durham, DH1 3TU

11:00 – Welcome: Registration and Coffee

11:30 – Social Movements and Communist Parties

Celia Hughes (Copenhagen), ‘John Hoyland and the New Left’
Dan Keith (Exeter), ‘”Youth of Today, Leaders of tomorrow” Students, Activists and Explaining the Diverse Adaptation of West European Communist Parties’
Paul Stott (UEA), ‘For Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite Reaction: Two Responses on the British Left to the Rise of Identity Politics’

13:00 – Lunch and PSA Communism Specialist Group AGM

14:00 – Cultural Theory and Practice

Ben Harker (Manchester), ‘Theoretical Dissonance, 1945’
Matthew Caygill (Leeds Metropolitan), ‘Revisiting the Dialetics of Liberation’
Mike Waite (Independent Scholar), ‘Revolutionary Music or Music for the Revolution? The dilemmas of Cornelius Cardew’

15:30 – Break

16:00 – Cultural Change. Party Transformation?

Fiona Haig (Portsmouth), ‘Gorizia 1956: Eurocommunism starts here? (Il Manifesto)’
Costas Eleftheriou  (Athens) and Valia Aranitou (Crete), ‘ Greek Left and the ‘middle classes’ in the 60s: facets of a contradictory relationship’
Mattie Fitch (Yale), ‘Communism, the Working Class, and Cultural Politics during the French Popular Front’

17:30 – End of Workshop


Workshop supported by the Political Studies Association Communism Specialist Group and Durham University Centre for Institutions and Political Behaviour

Organisers: Prof. Matthew Worley (Reading), Dr Stephen Hopkins (Leicester), Dr Gidon Cohen (Durham)


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