Works of Rosa Luxemburg: new publications

Ottokar Luban (Secretary of the International Rosa-Luxemburg-Society) writes:

In January 2014 volume 6 of Rosa Luxemburg’s Gesammelte Werke – Collected Works- with more than 900 pages was released, a supplement to those 5 volumes which were published in the GDR years. Vol. 6 has 230 documents in German from the years 1893 – 1906 (essays, news paper articles and notes, speeches) which were scattered all over many different newspapers and archives and not yet printed in the old Collected Works edition – a hard amazing research and editorial achievement. The well known editor Annelies Laschitza gives an excellent introduction which makes the reader most interested in the following documents. In the next years there will be published volume 7 for the years 1907 – 1919 and a volume 8 with Luxemburg’s Polish works translated into German. For further details see here.

For the English and US American scholars the first volumes of a Rosa Luxemburg series will be of interest (here).

In France the collectif Smolny released volume 3 of her project with Luxemburg’s Complete Collected Works (see here)

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