Communism and a Century of War

Location: Durham University, Al Qasimi Building, Room 222, Elvet Hill Road, Durham

Date: 15 December 2014

11 am PSA Communism Specialist Group AGM

11.45 Session 1:

John Callaghan, Construction of the Soviet Military Threat 1945-49: The Example of the British Left

Sarah Cohen, Conservative Anti-Communism in Post-War Britain

1-1:45 Lunch


Tony McKenna ‘Perishing at “the shrines”: post-war British culture and the CPGB’s response to The Arts Council’

Edd Poole, ‘Troublesome Priest: Hewlett Johnson, the Church of England, and Soviet socialism’

3:00-3:15 Break


Gidon Cohen, War and the Changing Geography of British Communism

Kevin Morgan, Putting Stalin on the Screen

One comment

  1. Caygill, Matthew · · Reply

    Thanks Kevin – I’m very sorry that I won.t be able to make this (last week of Term for me), but it does look good

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