Contributors sought for new Comintern biographical dictionary

Massimo Repetto of the Archivio Biografico del Movimento Operaio is seeking contributors to provide short (max 10.000 characters) biographies of British participants in the first four congresses of the Comintern.  Details of the project are provided below and prospective contributors are invited to contact Lynette Cawthra ( who is helping to collate the entries and can provide full details of the names identified as well as samples of the type of entry required.

Project details

The institute for a long time has committed in an effort to realize a series about history of italian workers’ movement, now arrived to its fifth volume. Biographies, included in these volumes, are available in our website ( Taking in mind next important anniversaries – 100° russian revolution (2017) and Comintern (2019) – we established to starting a new series about international workers’ movement including volume devoted to Comintern

The frame of this book will be similar to that devoted to italian workers’ movement; that is a brief historical essay, written by Emilio Gianni, ABMO director, a prosopographical analysis based on biographies included and finally a collection of biographies. As for italian’s one, publishing house will be Pantarei from Milan ( which is focused in publishing only scholarly essays. The book will take into account all international leaders who took part in first four congresses of Comintern (excluding further congresses dominated by stalinists). For this reason we are asking to scholars and historians from several countries to collaborate to this project writing some biographies interesting for them. We already have the agreement with scholars from France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Finland and naturally Italy.

Deadline for biographies is 2017, but these biographies will are published, besides in the volume, in our website in italian and in english languages.  Our aim is making it useable for an international audience.

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