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CFP for new volume on British far left | Hatful of History

Watch “Liberation Theology Public Talk – Belfast Feile” on YouTube

Liberation Theology Public Talk – Belfast Feile: Liberation theology on the island of Ireland. Featuring Dianne Kirby,  Terry Eagleton, Rev. Dr. Oliver Rafferty and Fr. Des Wilson.

Watch “Dr. William Pelz, Open University of the Left, 9-…” on YouTube

Dr. William Pelz, Open University of the Left, 9-…: From Tragedy to Farce: The Rise and Fall of the American Left, 1914-2014. By William A. Pelz This talk will explore the pre-First World War advances made by the American radical movement, with particular emphasis on Eugene V. Debs and the Socialist Party, and discuss how […]

E. P. Thompson and the Making of the New Left Essays and Polemics by E. P. Thompson; Cal Winslow (ed.)

E. P. Thompson is a towering figure in the field of labour history, best known for his monumental work, The Making of the English Working Class. But as this collection shows, Thompson was more than solely a historian: he was a dedicated educator of workers, a brilliant polemicist, a skilled political theorist, and a tireless […]

New book on VOKS by Jean-Francois Fayet (All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries)

    VOKS : le laboratoire helvétique Histoire de la diplomatie culturelle soviétique durant l’entre-deux-guerres 4e de couverture Percer une brèche dans le mur d’hostilité et d’ignorance qui entoure tout ce qui touche à la Russie au sortir de la guerre civile, voici la mission confiée à la VOKS, la Société soviétique pour les échanges culturels […]

Review: Revolutionary Communist at Work | History Workshop

Courtesy of History Workshop @HistoryWO

Review: After the Party: Reflections on Life Since the CPGB | History Workshop

‘After the Party: Reflections on Life Since the CPGB’ edited by Andy Croft (Lawrence & Wishart, £15.99)

Book release: Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War. Agents, Activities, and Networks.

We are happy to announce the publication of Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War. Agents, Activities, and Networks. Edited by Luc van Dongen, Stéphanie Roulin and Giles Scott-Smith (Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History Series).

Eric Hobsbawm archival material.

We are very excited to find that the University of Warwick’s Modern Records Centre has been the recipient of material relating to Eric Hobsbawm’s academic lectures, political involvement, membership of the Communist Party Historian’s Group, as well as personalia / family papers. Requests for access are to be made through Andrew Gordon at David Higham […]

Benjamin Fraser (ed.), Marxism and Urban Culture | Progressive Geographies