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Conference videos now on-line: ‘1917-2017 : Espoirs, utopies et héritages de la Révolution russe’, Brussels, 2-4 November 2017

Recordings of talks (in French and English) are now available here from the centenary conference at the Maison du Peuple de Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles) organised by the Centre des Archives du Communisme en Belgique, the Centre d’Histoire et de Sociologie des Gauches, the Formation Léon Lesoil et the Institut Marcel Liebman (see details of full programme in […]

Manchester workshop 18 December: “Under a Diverse Hammer and Sickle: Interlinkages between European and Iranian Communisms, 1917-1991”

This one-day workshop will explore the interlinkages and relationship between proponents of different variants of communism in Iran and Europe and the ways through which these variants have influenced the evolution of the Left in Iran during the period of existence of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991. This rationale is driven by the paucity of research […]

Call for Papers: Workshop on the German Revolution and the Radical Democratic Imaginary

Centre for Political Thought Call for Papers: Workshop on the German Revolution and the Radical Democratic Imaginary The University of Exeter, 24 May 2018 In the wake of the First World War, workers and soldiers across Europe organised into democratic councils in order to challenge existing social hierarchies and strive towards self-government and workers’ control […]

new books series: Studies in Twentieth Century Communism

The first 2 titles of a new books series Studies in Twentieth Century Communism are available to order from the publishers Lawrence & Wishart here.  See the L&W website for full details and contents list.

Socialist History special issue: Legacies of October

Socialist History 52 is a special issue on Legacies of October featuring contributions by Hakim Adi, Éric Aunoble, Stefan Berger, Neil Davidson, David Featherstone, Kate Hudson, Ruth Kinna, Lisa A. Kirschenbaum, Carl Levy and Ronald Grigor Suny and edited by Kevin Morgan. Full contents including articles free to view available here

New issue of Twentieth Century Communism: October, the Cold War and Commemoration

TCC 13 on October, the Cold War and Commemoration is now available, guest edited by Jean-Francois Fayet, Valérie Gorin and Stefanie Prezioso. The contents list and further details are available here   

New publication: International Communism and the Cult of the Individual

Kevin Morgan’s new book International Communism and the Cult of the Individual can be ordered here. A cheaper paperback edition will be available very shortly.

New publication: British Communism and the Politics of Race

Evan Smith’s new book British Communism and the Politics of Race can be ordered from Brill here.  As with all books in the HM series, a much more affordable paperback edition will be published by Haymarket in the next 18 months.   British Communism and the Politics of Race explores the role that the Communist Party of […]

new publication: Communism and Democracy: history, debates and potentials

Mike Makin-Waite’s new book Communism and Democracy: History, Debates and Potentials can be ordered from Lawrence & Wishart here  

2017-18 seminar programme: Territoires et militants communistes : approches plurielles et comparées

Territoires et militants communistes : approches plurielles et comparées Séminaire de recherche Centre d’histoire sociale du XXe siècle (CNRS UMR 8058/Université Paris 1) Organisé par Paul Boulland, Isabelle Gouarné, Claude Pennetier et Bernard Pudal 9, rue Malher 75004 (métro Saint-Paul). Bibliothèque Jean Maitron, (6e étage) contact : Barbara Bonazzi ( PROGRAMME 2017-2018 14 octobre 2017, […]