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special issue of journal Monde(s): Communisme transnational (ed. Sabine Dullin & Brigitte Studer)

Vient de paraître – 15 novembre 2016 Monde(s). Histoire, espaces, relations n° 10 Communisme transnational Sous la direction de Sabine Dullin et Brigitte Studer Notre enquête part d’une équation qui, pour être évidente dès le départ, ne pouvait être résolue qu’avec les outils de l’histoire transnationale. Le communisme après octobre 1917 s’incarna, de 1919 à […]

cfp: Transnational Leftism: The Comintern and the National, Colonial and Racial Questions Workshop

Transnational Leftism: The Comintern and the National, Colonial and Racial Questions Workshop There are three prevailing wisdoms about Communists and the Comintern and the National and Racial Questions. The first is that the Comintern was a monolithic organization, in which members were loyal to Moscow first and had no time for legitimate nationalist or anti-racist […]

special offer: titles on communism in Belgium

À l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année, le CArCoB vous offre une réduction de 30% jusqu’au 22/12 sur les publications suivantes : Jules Pirlot, Julien Lahaut vivant, Cuesmes, Éditions du Cerisier, 2010, 191 p. Prix promotionnel : 8.75€ – Frais de port B. : 2.22€ José Gotovitch, Du communisme et des communistes en Belgique : approches critiques, Bruxelles, Éditions […]

cfp: The Red and the Black

Call for Papers: The Red and the Black – The Russian Revolution and the Black Atlantic Conference to be held at the Institute for Black Atlantic Research (IBAR), University of Central Lancashire, Preston, 14-15 October 2017, to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Keynote speaker: Professor Winston James, University of California, Irvine. With special […]

new publication: Communist Histories

New publication from Left Word ed. Vijay Prashad, full details here The contemporary world cannot be fully understood without the struggles of the Communists over the past century. Rooted in South Asia, Communist Histories has a global sweep, with essays examining Communist praxis from Bengal to Maharashtra, from Cuba to China. This volume – the […]

new publication: The Red International of Labour Unions (RILU) 1920 – 1937 by Reiner Tosstorff

First published in German as Profintern: Die Rote Gewerkschaftsinternationale 1920-1937 by Ferdinand Schöningh, Paderborn, in 2004, this book is now available in an English translation by Ben Fowkes in Brill’s Historical Materialism book series, further details can be found here

‘Social Histories of the Russian revolution’, series of talks, Birkbeck College, London, Oct 2016- Nov 2017

SOCIAL HISTORIES OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION A year-long series of monthly discussion meetings, timed to take place during the run-up to the centenary of Russia’s revolutions of 1917. Venue: Birkbeck, University of London Full programme and further information: Each discussion will be opened by historians, scholars working in academia who have spent many years studying […]