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new edition published of Claude Renard “Octobre 1917 et le mouvement ouvrier belge”

Le livre de Claude Renard, “Octobre 1917 et le mouvement ouvrier belge” (co-édition Memogrames et éditions du CArCoB) est enfin sorti de presse. La Révolution russe de 1917 a changé la face du 20E siècle. Pour la première fois dans l’histoire de l’humanité, les prolétaires prennent le pouvoir – et le gardent – à l’échelle […]

special issue of journal Monde(s): Communisme transnational (ed. Sabine Dullin & Brigitte Studer)

Vient de paraître – 15 novembre 2016 Monde(s). Histoire, espaces, relations n° 10 Communisme transnational Sous la direction de Sabine Dullin et Brigitte Studer Notre enquête part d’une équation qui, pour être évidente dès le départ, ne pouvait être résolue qu’avec les outils de l’histoire transnationale. Le communisme après octobre 1917 s’incarna, de 1919 à […]

special offer: titles on communism in Belgium

À l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année, le CArCoB vous offre une réduction de 30% jusqu’au 22/12 sur les publications suivantes : Jules Pirlot, Julien Lahaut vivant, Cuesmes, Éditions du Cerisier, 2010, 191 p. Prix promotionnel : 8.75€ – Frais de port B. : 2.22€ José Gotovitch, Du communisme et des communistes en Belgique : approches critiques, Bruxelles, Éditions […]

new publication: Communist Histories

New publication from Left Word ed. Vijay Prashad, full details here The contemporary world cannot be fully understood without the struggles of the Communists over the past century. Rooted in South Asia, Communist Histories has a global sweep, with essays examining Communist praxis from Bengal to Maharashtra, from Cuba to China. This volume – the […]

new publication: The Red International of Labour Unions (RILU) 1920 – 1937 by Reiner Tosstorff

First published in German as Profintern: Die Rote Gewerkschaftsinternationale 1920-1937 by Ferdinand Schöningh, Paderborn, in 2004, this book is now available in an English translation by Ben Fowkes in Brill’s Historical Materialism book series, further details can be found here

new book on Gramsci published

please use the link for details of a new collection on Gramsci edited by Mark McNally (also includes details of special offer) Antonio Gramsci

New publication: The Transnational World of the Cominternians

The Transnational World of the Cominternians Brigitte Studer Hardcover 9781137510280 £60.00 / $90.00 Ebooks available The ‘Cominternians’ who staffed the Communist International in Moscow from its establishment in 1919 to its dissolution in 1943 led transnational lives and formed a cosmopolitan but closed and privileged world. Full of sympathy, eager to learn, hopeful of emulating […]

New book published about Soviet Policy in the Spanish Civil War

Just published in Spanish is the new book of Josep Puigsech Farras FALSA LEYENDA DEL KREMLIN  (“The False Legend about the Kremlin: the Consulate and the USSR in the Spanish Civil War”). Further details can be found here

New publication: Itinerary of a Long-Distance Internationalist (free e-book)

From Coldwar Communism to the Global Emancipatory Movement: Itinerary of a Long-Distance Internationalist   Peter Waterman   Formats: Epub, PDF/1.8 MB/Published: 11.2014/Price: Free!!! Access here   PART 1 (1936-69): LIVING AN OLD RED INTERNATIONALISM   Britain, 1936-55: Growing up Jewish, Middle-Class, Communist and Internationalist Czechoslovakia 1955-58: From Agitator to Agent Intermezzo 1958-66: Meeting the Actually-Existing Working […]

New publication: Doctor Who and the Communist

Doctor Who and the Communist ; the television career  of Malcolm Hulke by Michael Herbert has been published by Five Leaves Press. This   publication was mentioned this  week by actor Paul McGann who played the Doctor in a film in 1996.  He tweeted “‘@MJHerbert has nicked the title I wanted for my memoir.” Malcolm […]