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Conference announcement: The Carnation Revolution between African Anti-colonialism and European Rebellion, London, 22-23 May

The Carnation Revolution between African Anti-colonialism and European Rebellion 22nd-23rd May, 2014 School of Arts Birkbeck, University of London Room B04, 43 Gordon Square Forty years on, the 1974-75 revolutionary process in Portugal has become the object of historical interest, after decades of being caught between the poles of celebration and controversy. The commemoration of […]

Review: After the Party: Reflections on Life Since the CPGB | History Workshop

‘After the Party: Reflections on Life Since the CPGB’ edited by Andy Croft (Lawrence & Wishart, £15.99)

Borders and Interests: should the workers of the world unite? – 05 – 2014 – Events – Public events – Home LSE public lecture. Borders and Interests: should the workers of the world unite? Ralph Miliband Programme ‘Nations and Borders’ lecture series Date: Thursday 8 May 2014 Time: 6.30-8pm Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building Speaker: Professor Yuli Tamir Borders exclude non-members but force all classes to share risks and benefits. Is it the upper classes […]

audiovisual materials for the history of French communism

For on-line access to the Fonds audiovisuel du PCF et du mouvement ouvrier et démocratique follow this link. This is an extensive collection of almost 1200 films produced, distributed or collected by the PCF, many of which can already be freely accessed. A fuller description from the website follows. Ciné-Archives Ciné-Archives gère le fonds audiovisuel […]

New publication: Les territoires du communisme

New publication from Armand Colin Les territoires du communisme Élus locaux, politiques publiques et sociabilités militantes sous la direction d’E. Bellanger et J. Mischi Armand Colin, 304 p. 27,50€ « Communisme municipal », « banlieue rouge », « bastions ouvriers » : l’influence du Parti communiste français est associée à des représentations territoriales typées. Quelle […]

20CC Communist Studies Seminars at the University of Glamorgan

One-day Communist Studies Seminars at the University of Glamorgan, Atrium Campus on 28 March 2013   ‘Berlin, Paris, London and beyond – ongoing projects, forthcoming events and future publications’   The editors of Twentieth Century Communism are hosting an event presenting new projects, future collaborations and eyewitness testimony. The event is free but, as space […]

Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg: appeal for support from the editors

Members of the editorial board of the Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg write as follows:   Dear Friends,   We are writing to ask you to assist us in the effort to publish the Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, which will bring the contributions of one of the most creative thinkers and activists of modern radicalism alive for […]

Bordiga translation appeal

The editors of Historical Materialism write:   Historical Materialism are excited to be preparing the first ever English-language volume of Amadeo Bordiga’s writings, as part of our Book Series. Though a major figure of the Third International, the political struggle of this co-founder of the Communist Party of Italy is little-known in the Anglophone world, while in […]

PSA Communism group conference: A Century of Anti-Communisms

‘ CENTURY OF ANTI-COMMUNISMS Inaugural conference of PSA Communism Specialist Group, Arthur Lewis Building, University of Manchester, Friday 21 September, 9.30-4.45 Speakers include Eric Arnesen (Washington), John Callaghan (Salford), Sarah Cohen (Durham), Jean-Francois Fayet (Geneva) and a roundtable discussion on ‘A century of anti-communisms’ with Gavin Bowd, Madeleine Davis, Paulo Drinot, Dianne Kirby, Carl Levy and […]