1. Name

The group shall be called the UK Political Studies Association Communism Specialist Group

2. Objects

The objects of the group are:

  1. to promote the study of communism in the twentieth century as a political movement and a system of government;
  2. to promote the study of the ideology and political culture of Stalinism, its antecedents and its successors, both within the USSR and internationally;
  3. to encourage contact between scholars engaged in the study of communism and Stalinism both within the UK and internationally;
  4. to organize at least one day conference annually and assist in the promotion of other such events
  5. to assist in the dissemination of research through publications like the journal Twentieth Century Communism and through links with similar publications internationally
  6. to maintain a website, blog and mailing list

3. Membership

Membership shall be open to all members of the UK Political Studies Association. Officers shall verify PSA membership when registering new society members. Membership of non-PSA members shall be no higher than 50% of the total membership, whichever is the higher.

There is no annual membership fee.

4. Officers

The officers of the group shall be members of the group at the time of election, and shall consist of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and such other officers as the group deems necessary. They shall hold office for three years and shall be elected by separate vote from among the members of the group at the Annual General Meeting of the group. All officers of the society shall be current PSA members. An officer shall be eligible for re-election provided that they are still a bona fide member of the group and a current PSA member.

5. Records

Shall be kept by the secretary and made available for inspection by any member of the group if so required. These records will include minutes of any meetings, minutes of the AGM, and the Annual Report. Current membership lists shall be maintained.

6. Government

The group shall be governed by a committee consisting of the officers of the group as defined above and not less than two members of the group who shall be elected every three years under such rules of procedure as the AGM shall direct. The committee shall have powers to co-opt not more than two members. The committee shall hold office for three years.

7. Vacation of Office

Any officer shall vacate her office upon resignation or upon dismissal by resolution of a general meeting of the group.

8. Casual Vacancies

Whether of officers or of members of the committee, vacancies shall be filled by election from among the members of the group under such rules of procedure as the committee shall direct. All those elected to such casual vacancies shall be current PSA members.

9. Annual General Meeting

This meeting shall be held during the PSA annual conference each year or at a special one-day conference convened at the decision of the committee. Not less than fourteen clear days notice of the AGM shall be given.

10. General Meetings

These shall be called at the discretion of the committee or at the written request of not less than six members of the group. Notice of not less than three clear days, excluding weekends and bank holidays shall be given.

11. Finance

Applications by the group to the PSA for grants of money shall be made at the discretion of the committee by the treasurer of the group. A treasurer’s report shall be presented to each Annual General Meeting which will decide how current and expected income is to be spent during the period prior to the following Annual General Meeting.

The committee may decide to make available sums of money to facilitate the presence of speakers at the PSA annual conference. In that case, a decision on the amount to be made available will be decided by the committee no later than two months prior to the conference and bids for funding will be invited from the group’s membership. Once all bids have been received, the committee will decide how to allocate the money. Only group members are eligible to bid for this money, through the latter may be used to facilitate the presence of individuals who are not members of the group.

On vacating office the treasurer of the group shall hand over the books of account to her duly elected successor.

12. PSA Constitution

The group shall be governed by the appropriate clauses of the Union Constitution with regard to any matter not covered by this Constitution.

13. Amendment of the Constitution

This constitution may be amended or altered only by a resolution supported by two-thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting, provided that no alteration shall contravene any part of the PSA’s Constitution.

This constitution shall be made available to all members of the group on request.

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