*This Specialist Group of the PSA has now been renamed to Left Radicalism. Posts under psacommunism.wordpress.com serve as an archive of the Group’s continuous work*

Welcome to the website of the Communism Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association.

Communism was one of the defining political movements of the twentieth century. Of unprecedented international scope and cohesion it retains its interest for scholars working in fields as diverse as political ideology, social and political movements, comparative party politics, the politics of collective memory and totalitarian studies. The aim of the Communism Specialist Group is to promote the study of twentieth-century communism and facilitate scholarly exchanges across both national and disciplinary boundaries.

Among our activities we maintain a blog providing news of current events, publications and work in progress and a register of members and their research interests. We also organise an annual day conference as well as occasional seminars and panels at the PSA Annual Conference.

Membership of the group and attendance at its events is free to PSA members. The group also supports the journal Twentieth Century Communism: a journal of international history and members of the group can subscribe to the journal at the reduced rate of £15 p.a.

Non-PSA members who wish to be added to the group’s mailing list should contact the group’s convenor. Non-PSA members are also welcome to attend any event organised by the group on payment of a small charge. The standard non-members’ subscription rate to Twentieth Century Communism is £20 p.a.

If you would like to be added to the group membership list; would like further details of the group and its activities; or would like to circulate information to group members please contact the group convenor, Giorgos Charalambous: giorgos.charalambous@gmail.com .

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  1. Deborah Jeffries · · Reply

    Your blog is very interesting as I find the subect of politics and the ever so many world political parties and movements intellectually stimulating. I’m not a youngster am a 46 year old American woman and disabled. I have always considered myself aligned with the marxist socialist movement though I don’t associate myself as a particular type such as a Trotsky or Lenin marxist. Capitialism and the American system serve only the bourgeois ruling class and leave the proletariat in the dust and our almighty god of the military and policies are a form of worldwide oppression not just oppression in terms of the perpetual class struggle in my country. Just thought I would give you a commentary from the perspective of an anti-establishment American.

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